Chakra Reading March 17' Special Offer

(7th - 14th March)

Get a Chakra Reading with a Healing Affirmation to help you gain clarity on your "why" questions and resolve them!

Why do I keep stubbing my toe ?
Why do I feel I have no support ?
Why do I never get that promotion ?
Why does this keep happening to me repeatedly ?
Why isn't my property selling ?
To mention a few.

✨Break the pattern and stop the repeated struggle. Choose to make the change !✨

The chakra reading will help you find the root cause of the issue be it physical , mental, emotional or spiritual. The healing affirmation will help you overcome the block or barrier which has withheld your wish or desire.

This offer is now closed, click here for a chakra reading.

Call shivani on +919322280060 to sign up!

For payments from outside India, please email us your full name, date of birth and mobile number so we can guide on a payment method for the same.

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