I was feeling down and seeking direction when I signed up for The Month of Magical Healing with Shivani . I have to say from the end of week one I started to feel a lot more calm and content. Shivani’s work on self love is fantastic , she introduced me to great tools while having different tasks for me to complete every week . At the end of the month I really felt like I have improved a lot from where was. I’ve learnt a lot about myself through the process gaining strength and confidence to believe that I am loved !
Thanks Shivani !!

Mariana Jeronimo
energy markets professional
Sydney/ Australia

I recently signed up to do a month of healing throughout November. I had come across SmMagic on Instagram somehow...I don't believe in coincidence rather that all is meant to be and people and things find you as you need them. I had commented on a few posts of Shivani's and then messaged her off and on since May. Over the following 6 months I was led from one book to another, met different people all whom were so intriguing to me because everything was random. In late October I had learnt so much about myself but was still missing something..I signed up for the healing and was sceptical. Throughout this month under Shivani's guidance I have had to dig deep, see things from a different perspective and there I was, waiting for myself. A true, happy, loveable soul who is complete. I have learnt even more about myself and I do have true happiness and hold a fulfilment that I was seeking before but looking to other people to complete me. I feel so free and happy and the best part of my life is about to begin. I cannot speak highly enough of Shivani and her amazing work. A month of healing has unlocked me and I only wish I'd done it sooner, but everything unfolds when and how its supposed to.

Sally Rusbridge, Melbourne, Australia.

Shivani is amazingly intuitive and her readings have always been accurate for me. She’s extremely dedicated and timely with her work and inspires you to put in the same amount of dedication in your journey of self-discovery. I’ve seen a magical transformation in my life with her and I’ll always be grateful to her for being there whenever I have needed her.

Rishika, India

In 2012 I fought a battle with Cancer. I am a Winner. I am an extremely competitive, driven, wired individual with 'to do lists' and Goals, high targets and many many dreams.
I always was this person. But the cancer left me living by the clock,  like I had something to prove, like I needed to justify my making it through to the other side. REGRET, FEAR and FAILURE. were words that governed me then. It was frustrating, I was on a path to destroying the one thing I fought to save. MY LIFE. How ironic.
I don't believe in coincidence. I think I've known Shivani from another life too. I have been a witness to her journey in her discovery and growth in the world of reiki, crystal therapy and a range of energy work. She has been blessed and shares her gift with those willing to receive it. Working on myself through her monthly healing has helped me let go of so much clutter in my life to make space for all the good stuff. The Daily affirmations have the most wonderful power to visualize your desires and focus your actions and efforts to achieving them. The best part about Shivani's healing is it makes you realise that you had the power within you the whole time. You just needed a guide to show you how. I have begun to speak my truth and live in the now. I still am a driven, multitasking, 2 page full 'to do list' person... but the Reiki and exercises have helped me find a balance between that and peace and calm that my mind and body were craving. LOVE, ENERGY and GRATITUDE are the words that I begin my days with now. SmMagic has just opened a whole new world to me.
Go for it gurl! You are magic!

Rebecca Vaz Mushran, Mumbai
Managing Director
Speciality Food Company

I would like to leave a review for shivani and her work as an oracle card reader. I was pleased with our exchange and her holistic approach to bringing answers and clarity to a personal issue. The reading was quite thorough and even included advice on crystals, to bring more healing to the situation. Owing to these circumstances, would recommend her services as she is truly a gifted reader.

Claudrine Arnell, Paris
International Business

If you are thinking about getting an Oracle Reading from Shivani, I have just two words - Do it!!

Shivani is an intuitive reader with tons of happy energy, which uplifts the spirit while delivering just the right answers. She is also really connected with crystals and I personally love the recommendations she gives. 

Darpan Kaur, Goa
Owner, On Board The Reiki Bus

 I am Michelle Ong, a homemaker living in Singapore. I received a free chakra reading on 26 Jan 2017 via Shivani's Instagram giveaway.

Shivani was prompt to respond, asking for my details and the question I would like to ask. Moments later, I was asked to say a affirmation out loud. I was simply amazed at how spot on she was, given that it was our first conversation and how far apart we were. I got really emotional and teared up saying the affirmation, it felt like I was declaring to the Universe. I had a tingling sensation from the top of my head to the back of my neck when I first said it and was advised to continue with the affirmation 21 times for 21 days. 

I am a glaucoma patient. I was actually scheduled for my MRI Scan on my brain and eyes that day and had received Shivani's free chakra reading right (literally 2 hours) before my appointment so it definitely felt like an unexpected gift from the Universe! Your affirmation was what kept me calm and collected during my 40min mri scan.

Subsequently I entered my name for Shivani's crystal grid for a 2 week chakras healing and even received a second affirmation which she had very kindly texted me upon activation.

I am still working on my affirmations but I do feel better already. I do not get emotional anymore as I say them out loud and start to feel more positive and "in-touch" with my inner self now. 

I am so grateful for your kindness and help, and am truly blessed to be able to connect to you.

GRATITUDE! You are an amazing lightworker Shivani, please continue to shine your light! 

Michelle Ong, Singapore

I have followed Shivani's general readings online which have always helped me gain a lot of insights. Even though they are for the day or month, I have found them very apt for me. After every reading, I find my understanding of situations has expanded followed by wonderful insights.Her readings are very expansive and leave one feeling better equipped.

Revati Dighe, Mumbai
Life Coach, Sound Therapist & Family and structure constellation practioner

What a beautiful soul Shivani is! She sent my two elderly dogs healing reiki and found the right affirmation for me to use. My dogs have had so much energy since! It's been wonderful to witness :)
A very lovely lady to work with.

S. Stanford
London, UK
Jeweller designer

I have had the pleasure of meeting Shivani, who not only has been a good friend but, a very gifted healer. Her healing techniques are very effective and easy. The brilliant quality about her is that she has the time and the patience to understand what one's issues are and, getting to the "root cause". She has not only been great support but also, a guide to show me that there are many other ways to look at life than how we usually see. She's a brilliant healer who has some amazing abilities and a golden heart! 

Dhruv Sharma,New Delhi
Real Estate/Vintage Car Restorer

Shivani has really helped me remove a lot of negativity from my life. My readings with her have always been very clear and gives me that clarity and positivity I need to take my life to the next level. The messages have given me alot of direction. She helps you lead life from a deep place. Its helped me become really aware of my energy that I am putting out into the universe through my words and thoughts and lead my life from a happy calm place.

Shivani Varma, New York
Real Estate Acquisitions Analyst

Every morning I wake up excited to read and connect with SmMagic's Readings. Whether it be cards pulled with a message or a crystal I need at that time and place. Always hitting straight to the point and place I seem to be in. I am ever grateful for your presence, Love and Light. Thank you for incites and guidance! Keep spreading the light.

Gaurika Mehta,Goa / London/ Delhi

Shivani really helped me clear a lot of blocks in my mind and in my heart. Under her supervision and guidance I was able to release my fears and attract more love, light and abundance in my life. My mindset changed and my outlook became way more positive and optimistic. I am truly grateful to be in such good hands!

Hamza Rahimtula
Paris / New Delhi
Music Producer/DJ

Shivani has helped me heal from within and from outside. I am finally happy with the person I am today. Thank you Shivani :)

Joshua Vaz,
Mumbai Musician

I would like to share my experience with SmMagic .. my dog Simba had been injured on his back due to which his hind legs were not functioning properly and he was barely able to walk .. at that time of distress and depression I approached shivani for some reiki healing for my dog .. not only was I comforted by her words but also by the care and love towards Simba .. day in and day out I would call and what's app to give a feedback on his progress and I really believe in their healing .
Simba is now pretty much recovered along with treatment from our vet and Ofcourse the healing and love from SmMagic !
Full of gratitude for this unconditional support for him.

Now came my turn .. I went through a low phase due to the guilt towards my dogs injury and sometimes having to leave him and go on vacation . I felt like I was always seeing lack and I called up Shivani and spoke my heart out .. not only did she hear me out like a shrink but also advised me beautifully on how to change the way I think and feel as the universe is an echo of our thoughts! I heard her out and practiced some of what she told me along with the reki healing they started on me .. I must say I feel very bright , light and positive .. thank you sm magic may you continue to sprinkle magic all around with your wand !!

Sukriti Talwar, New Delhi
Fashion designer


I follow shivani's posts daily on Instagram and they inspire and guide me everyday. I somehow truly connect with the daily posts and feels like they are just for me. I have also had a private reading done when i asked a personal question and the reading was very accurate and made a lot of sense for the question asked! I'm very glad i follow SmMagic's account on Instagram and am thankful for the daily inspiration.

Mariana Jeronimo
Energy Markets Professional

My name is Kriti and I have known Shivani since we were children. Ever since I have known her, there was something different about Shivani. Her reaction to and how sensitive she was about the existence of the supernatural was just uncanny. Most children would run at the name of a witch or a ghost or even a zombie but Shivani would have a different outlook to it. She dissed the negative emotions attached to such things.
In fact while all of us would dress as angels, to a fancy dress party, she would dress as a witch and always win 'best dressed'! She truly has been, as I call her with love, the White Witch of our family!!

To truly know who Shivani is, I urge everyone to read up on a phenomena called a 'Star Seed'. It completely defines Shivani and her mission in this world.

A year ago I was facing difficulties in a relationship. On approaching Shivani for help, she took complete charge of the issue and assured me that I will get through it.
She gave me distance healing with Reiki and daily counseling sessions... and soon I was able to surmount my issue!

I know that Shivani has some special powers to be able to communicate and almost befriend the components of the supernatural world... they interact with her because she has embraced this magical world with all her heart. She has finally found her calling and her mission in life and I am certain that this is where she was always meant to be!!

I never miss her oracle card readings on Instagram. Each time she pulls out a card, though it is not a specific reading for me, I feel that each reading is perfectly apt for my given situation. I feel deeply enlightened with the writings and interpretations given by her. They open up a new window for thought and provide a new perspective. I have started to alter my thinking and embibe the words she writes because they make our present scenario feel so much better and easier to deal with... just a change in outlook!

I love Shivani and her work and I would recommend everyone to have this experience with her!

Kriti Mittal,New Delhi
Homemaker & Mother


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