✨Card Reading for APRIL 2017
THE 6 Elements WITHIN

Last month many of us felt the strong waves of energy and the shifts that sent our worlds spinning in various directions but now that tidal wave of energy has passed. 

'Move into your true self'

'Serapis Bey' is the light keeper in charge of ascension. His energy is almost like that of a phoenix, giving us the support to move out of our own self created chaos or even darkness into a space that supports our growth. It's important to cherish this time and realize that without the challenges or obstacles that one needs to face, we wouldn't be as strong, powerful or focused as we are today.  Know that you are ascending personally and spiritually at this time and the universe is here to support you.

 Spirit Connections
Crystals- Apophyllite, Danburite
Related to- Transcendence, Transformation, Ascension,Power, Time
Colours- White,Gold
Chakra- Crown Chakra

✨AIR: Sky Message:
Clouds:Shape Shifting'

 Most of us have had an opportunity one time or another to notice the shapes and forms clouds take as they drift gently or boldly across the sky, constantly shifting and changing, adjusting themselves to the requirements of their nature. Just like the clouds you too can shapeshift by choice of clothing, hairstyles, even mannerism such as expressions, and the way you walk. By adjusting these along with you internal attitude, you can actually display different personas. Experiment with these variations of self-expression this month and you will see others react to you depending on the degree in which your persona contrasts with the one they are most familiar with. Become like the clouds as you try out different forms, stretching your limits at times, willing to move and adjust as necessary. By this kind of shapeshifting you can consciously choose your expression to the world. Just remember who you are at the core.

Air Connections
Crystals-  Amethyst,Clear Quartz, Opal
Related To- Thoughts, Awareness, Freedom
Colours- Blue, White , Indigo
Chakra- Crown & Third Eye Chakra

'Crystal Ascension'

Crystals contain the earth’s natural energy fields as well as stored wisdom, which they have accumulated through the centuries of being on the planet. Your current environment contains too much artificial energy from material possessions, cell phones, computers, and microwaves which case an imbalance in both your body's energy field as well as the energy within and around your home and workspace. Bring crystals into your personal environment this month. They will not only balance your energies but also bring you into greater alignment with earth's natural energies and rhythm. Get an energy house clearance done this month with crystals to use in your home and workspace.

Earth Connections
Crystals-  Smoky Quartz, Obsidian
Related To-  Feeling Rooted,Grounded and  Stability
Colours- Brown, Black, Dark Green
Chakra - Root & Earth Star Chakra

'The Sun Dancers - joyful activity, celebration of life, abundance.'

Anything you place your attention on this month will manifest an experience, as the laws are always perfect.Give thanks in advance for the grace and goodwill of the divine. All things are possible now. The sun dancers celebrate you now and remind you of the laws of success and praise. Expect the best and praise it in advance. Dance the joy of being, and celebrate your life and abundance this month. This will unleash the magic of mystical magnetic energy, drawing circumstances to you to create the reality you envision. Stay positive and leave the timing up to the divine.

Fire Connections
Crystals- Fire Agate, Red Jasper, Orange Carnelian
Related To- Passion, Creativity, Desires, Courage
Colours- Red, Yellow-Orange
Chakra – Sacral & Root Chakra


Lavender is a subtle colour that sharpens your intuitive abilities, brings out leadership qualities and, strengthens the connection between your mind, body and soul.

Daily Meditation for April:"Connecting to heaven and earth with lavender threads of light."
Get in a comfortable position either lying down or sitting and close your eyes. Take all your attention to your breath and take 5 deep breaths. Now Visualize a lavender thread of light linking your body to your mind and your mind to your soul. Let the lavender thread connect your feet to the energy of the earth and your mind to the higher realm. Focus on the joy of being yourself, in touch with heaven and earth. 
Now say the following words; “Divine Spirit, strengthen my connection to my own divinity and allow me to see the divinity in others. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you".Really feel and breathe the words spoken.When you are ready, slowly move your toes and fingers, and then slowly open your eyes. (You can record yourself saying this and repeat the words after yourself as many times as you wish)

Water Connections
Crystals- Aqua Aura Quartz,  Aquamarine, Selenite
Related To- Healing, Divination, Dreams, Emotions
Colours- Blue,Silver
Chakra – Throat & Heart Chakra


Say the following words out as often as you can through April. Daily would be ideal."Today I will live in compassion, for myself and others. I will show kindness in word, thought and deed. Right now, I will count my blessings. I love myself, forgive myself, embrace my humanity and in doing so I will be able to do the same for others. For what I give I will receive and I will begin with me".

Heart Connections
Crystals- Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine
Related To- Emotions
Colours- Pink and Green
Chakra – Heart Chakra

April is all about having an attitude of gratitude, being generous in all areas of your life while being present in the moment. The messages are for you to awaken the light within, embrace change and be open to giving and receiving and watch your world magically transform.

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