Reading For February

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February carries the energy of the 'Heart' which is perfect as we all tend to associate this month of love with Valentine's Day in it. Love for self, love for others and the love for life.

This month trust the messages from your heart. If you are faced with decisions that your mind says one thing but your heart says another, follow the dictates of your heart and you'll be on the right path. The heart usually knows what the mind cannot uncover. So for instance you get a gut feeling to speak to someone or go in a particular direction, don't hesitate, just go for it. Whenever you feel challenged and you don't know where to turn, stop, sit down and close your eyes, quiet your mind and listen with your heart.

Ask yourself:
What is the message my heart is trying to give me ?
The correct response will come, watch for signs and the message will unfold effortlessly. 

Week 1 February:

Carries the energy of Beauty and Grace. Believe that you truly have the potential to expand in all areas of your life. It's time to let go of the ordinary and, step into the extraordinary. Just as the lotus rises up out of the mud into the light, so are you rising up to even greater heights. Sometimes, this happens naturally, sometimes it's an act of will. Tap into this energy to reach places higher than ever before and, do not allow doubt to enter in this time.Some questions to ask yourself when faced with situations: Is there a fear that holds me back from rising above my current challenge? How would my life change if I conquered this fear with healing and acceptance?

The message for week 1 is to "Rise Above Any Situation that's not Empowering". Rise up and step into your potential.

Week 2 February:

 Carries the energy of the power that comes from Stillness and Silence. Deep within you is an inner sanctuary, this week is about going there often. No matter what is going on in your life, you need to be the observer and not be reactive and view it from a place of stillness. Avoid the temptation to embrace the drama and urgency of life. Ask yourself: as I become still, what will expand in my life and, what will contract ?

Surrender completely to the sweet energy of quietude and, know that power is born in stillness and your potential is expanding in this silence. Having this inner peace doesn't mean that there isn't chaos or disharmony around you. It means that you are choosing to not be reactive to it but are simply observing it from a place of peace.

The message of week 2 is about "letting go of every intense emotion" which might tempt you to engage in a situation and be reactive and focussing consciously on what's truly important in that moment by "Choosing to be an Observer".

Week 3 February:

 Carriers the energy of adventure and fun. This is the time to try new things and do the regular things in a different way . This week also carries the energy of travel. It's time consciously decide to step out of your shell of comfort and just have fun! Plan a trip, take some classes that push you out of your comfort zone. There is a vast and wondrous vista just around the corner but, you need to venture out to see it. Adventures often entail risks but, without it, life can become stagnant.  

Ask yourself: What is the best adventure for me to take at this time? Even doing the same things you've always done but in New and Different ways can awaken a feeling of fun and adventure within.

The message of week 3 is about "going beyond your boundaries and self created limitations"  emotionally, mentally and even physically and experiencing life in all it's magic with fun as your agenda . 

Week 4 February:  

Carries the energy of trusting your inner voice and knowing that your life is truly guided. Your intuition is your vehicle for messages from the spirit. If, in the past you followed your instincts and then later it seemed to be the wrong move, don't let that keep you from trusting your intuition now.  Often, with the perspective of time, the things that seemed like mistakes were actually your best experiences. Know that you are loved and protected always. There are spiritual guides, allies, and angels surrounding you and you're never alone. As you open up to your intuition and trust it, you will sense their loving presence and profound messages to help you transform your life to its full potential.

Ask yourself: If I knew what my higher self was trying to tell me, what would it be saying? 

The message of week 4 is about "listening to your heart" and acting on your instincts.

The overall message of this month is about listening to your heart and stepping into your true potential by welcoming the light of radiance into your being. Know that you shine brightly from your heart, by being your true authentic self and by doing the things you love that create joy and happiness in your life the abundance of the Universe showers you with blessings. By being the light you act as a sacred beacon that calls the bounty and support of the universe to you.

Affirmation for February:

"I now choose to live my life to its fullest potential. I trust the messages I receive from my heart."

Crystals to work with in February:
[💖] Rose Quartz to connect with your heart.
[🌞] Citrine to overcome fears , blocks and barriers.
[🍁] Carnelian to step into your potential.

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