✨Reading for May 2017 ✨

Week 1 - Things are starting to fall into place. The energy of this month is very open. Be relaxed and don't resist the drift of the great river of life. You don't need to decide and plan everything yourself. If there is a situation in your life that isn't falling into place, let it go. The key this week is to let go of the shore and allow the currents to dictate your direction. Know in your heart that when you are truly in the flow, you don't need to push or exert great effort to make things happen. Let things flow. The way to do so is with gratitude and appreciation. Allow others and Spirit to care for you this week. 

✨Daily Mantra 1st -7th May✨

" I give thanks for the miracle that is me. For I will see the beauty in myself, others and nature even when things are not perfect. I know that what I become depends on what I've overcome. I will find my rhythm, glide the waves, and I will be a swan."

Week 2- The 2nd week of May is about really doing the things you've always wanted to do, go to the places you've dreamed of! Explore the world around you! Make a real effort to follow your heart this week and do things for you. For some this a journey within more than a physical movement. Think about what is it that you need to go within and work on? Ask yourself what is the greatest journey I could embark on in my life?

✨Daily Mantra from 8-14th May✨

" I honour all that I am. I am always completely myself and that is enough. Today I will honour my personal integrity and rise up in its power. I will embrace the greater part of me and live with sincerity and honour. I will be honest with myself, live a life of truth, and I will be free".

Week 3- Sometimes the smallest actions can have the greatest impact. Perhaps it's a smile shared with a stranger, A kindness extended to an acquaintance, or a favour done for a friend.This week you are making a difference in lives of others. In ways that you may not even know, many benefit because of you. Your light radiates far and wide. This is akin to the story of the starfish to the sea. Although he knows he probably can't save them all, he continues on with it because it makes a difference to the few he can save. Remember you can and will change lives. Make a difference in the life of another. 

✨Daily Mantra from 15th- 21st May✨

" I acknowledge my ability to know the truth even when it is hidden. I will listen to my heart and let my deeper knowing guide me. I will embrace the things that make me truly happy. I will be real, I will be right, and I will be glad".
Week 4- the last week of May is a culmination of everything you have worked on the previous three weeks. If you are holding onto any beliefs that you are not good enough, Let it go! It is now time to accept the vibrant truth that all you need is already within you. It is time to stand in your own light. For some who might have given away their authority to someone or something else, it's time to reclaim it.

✨Daily Mantra from 22nd - 31st May✨

" Today I will love. Before I talk I will listen. Before I criticise I will forgive. Before I judge I will think. I remember that after all of this is over, the only thing that really counts is how we treated each other and how much we have loved".

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