⚡️Reading for June 2017⚡️

The law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.The belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from "pure energy", and that through the process of "like energy attracting like energy" a person can improve their own health, wealth and personal relationships. 
June is all about working in sync with this law.

⚡️"The Law of Attraction"⚡️

⚡️"What is your current state of mind?"⚡️

You currently desire something so strongly, that your focus can be completely blinkered, and you cannot see the pitfalls that might come from achieving your goal. It is vital to be completely clear about what you wish for, lest someone, including yourself, is harmed in the process of gaining it. Monitor your thoughts and words at every moment, as what you give out will come back to you, threefold. Be careful what you wish for. You must learn to love yourself before you can truly love another. Gaze long and deep within, intending to truly understand your ambition. When you recognise that everything that happens is merely your projection, your focus will change, and the reflection of the love in your heart will dazzle others, and ultimately yourself. To connect with your inner self say this incantation out;
"My heart is finally set free,From thoughts of how I must have it be,Mirror Mirror, as I scry, I see my one true love. 'Tis I."

⚡️"What is needed for you to get what you want"⚡️

Give yourself permission to enjoy yourself.Seize the day. Don't think- just do! Be spontaneous. Do things that make you come alive this month.The fire card tells you that now is not the time or the situation to hide what you feel. Say it as it is. Speak your truth! It is time to release that inner fire and abandon inhibitions that have prevented you from living your life to the full. Give yourself permission to say "yes"! The moment you do, a whole new world will open up, and you will be able to step forward in a blaze of glory. Connect with the element of fire by meditating with candles in June. Pick a colour that brings you clarity. Light the candle daily at sunset and focus on the flame. Take a few deep breaths and say this incantation out loud: 
" Restrictions lifted, I am free
To live the life that's meant for me
Boldly I now seize each day, 
As opportunity comes my way".

⚡️"What should you focus on?"⚡️

Look up and look for messages in the sky.Your imagination is key. A wonderful gateway has opened up for you. Allow the images you see in the sky above and loving voices you hear to gently guide you.What you are witnessing is real, so use your intuition to guide you and be open to everything.Do not discount encounters as mere figments of your imagination. Aeromancy or cloud gazing was practiced by ancient Babylonian priests for those who can see signs and messages in the sky is considered a powerful ancient gift. Use it and release control and float into altered consciousness and defy laws of these physical world. Free yourself from worry; find peace of mind through meditation. So many people aspire to a state of nirvana. You are on your way😊
When cloud gazing say:
" A mystical kingdom exists in my mind,
I seek the signs in the clouds, and there I shall find,A touch and a whisper, the call of my name,As the clouds lift me higher and there I shall reign".

⚡️"Where will your focus will take you ?"⚡️

You have been asking for something for a long time now. Be assured very soon you will understand. An answer to a question or even a problem will be revealed. 'Trust'. Get more sunshine. Let the light in. Too often you have dismissed direct divine guidance, mistaking it for your own thoughts, which you have then analysed and pushed back to the back of your mind. Instead it's time for you to realise and accept that this is how you receive messages from spirit. Doing so will enable you to clearly understand your next steps, as your ideas will appear as bright burning candles lighting your way. Lighting a candle daily at sunset seems to be a good idea for June😊 say:
"As I stare into the flame,Mistrust gone, I release all blame.Through the glow, now I see,
Answers are revealed to me".


Make sure you are well read in your chosen subject, as a new and rewarding chapter in your life opens up for you. Stick to what you know and understand for it is correct. It is important that you stand strong in your convictions, even if others have not woken up to your truth of the matter. Gaining fresh information will allow you to be more discerning. Make sure you read between the lines in any given situation. Trust that which you know and follow it to the letter. For all you have learnt serves you well.
Incantation to work with:
" I stand my ground with what I know. 
For '''tis the truth, and not for show.
I've studied hard, I know what's right.
This leads me to my path of light."

⚡️"What you need to consider"⚡️

Jealousy and envy are useless emotions. Your turn will come. What goes around, comes around. It's how you deal with an outcome that's important. There are lessons to be learnt. This is part of your soul's journey. Enjoy the ride. 
" The wheel hath turned, my fate is sealed. 
It's plain to see, or 'tis concealed. 
I must embrace the lessons won.
My fortune's bright; my fear undone."

The wheel of fortune can raise you high or bring you low. What you are being asked to consider is to completely be indifferent to both victory and defeat. If you live by the rule of acceptance, you will master the teachings of fate, who can be both just or unjust. The key is to get your reactions in check and realise that the wheel has spun you into lessons designed for your learning, understanding and spiritual growth.

⚡️Life is not happening to you, life is responding to you ! 💚 ⚡️

In June, Keep it simple ! Don't overthink things, stay positive and always look for the positive within situations that are happening around you.

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